How Zoom Took Over The World & Killed Skype

Team tubevice
Team tubevice

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THE STORY OF ZOOM / ZOOM DOCUMENTARY - Skype launched nearly a decade before Zoom, so why does everyone use Zoom now instead? Before the pandemic shut down the world, Skype held the largest share of the video-calling market. So when ****es, friends, and families had no choice but to interact with each other through their screens, Skype was set to see the sort of growth other companies can only dream of. But that didn’t happen. Instead, Zoom seemed to pop up out of nowhere and take over the industry in what felt like the blink of an eye. So what exactly did happen? How did Zoom’s founder, who moved to the US unable to speak a word of English, beat Microsoft, and build the number one video calling platform in the world? And how did a young man’s desire to see his girlfriend turn into a company worth billions of dollars? This is the incredible love story that changed the world. This is the inspiring true story of Zoom. In this video we’ll answer questions like: How did Zoom become so successful? Why did Zoom become so popular? And we’ll not just look at Zoom vs Skype, but the battle for the whole video conferencing market. I hope you enjoy the history of Zoom. For more underdog **** success stories, subscribe to MagnatesMedia!

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How Zoom Took Over The World & Killed Skype
Why Zoom Killed Skype
How Zoom Killed Skype
How Zoom DESTROYED Skype
Zoom: The Love Story That Changed The World
How Zoom Took Over The World
How Zoom Took Over The World From Nowhere
Why Zoom Suddenly Became King
Why Zoom Suddenly Took Over
The INSPIRING Success Story of Zoom

⌛ Chapters:
00:00 Prologue: The Inspiring Story of Zoom
00:58 Chapter 1: The Flames of Inspiration
05:37 Chapter 2: The American Dream
12:41 Chapter 3: Zooming To Success
16:15 World of Warships FREE Gifts
17:15 Chapter 4: Breaking Into The Market
23:10 Chapter 5: The World Shuts Down
27:41 Chapter 6: Problems

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