Reddit: A Story of Scandals, Power & Death


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The INSANE story of Reddit - the history of how Reddit started, how Reddit became popular and such a successful ****, and how the Reddit founders built a billion dollar company from nothing. This is in some ways a rags to riches **** story, going from broke college students to extremely rich. But we'll also explore the Reddit API controversy and several other reddit scandals and issues - along with incredible Reddit-inspired events like the Wallstreetbets gamestop stock saga. With Reddit's own IPO on the horizon, let's look at where Reddit is now at.

Alexis Ohanian needed a plan, and he needed it fast. His senior year of college was approaching and he had no clue what he wanted to do with his life. Luckily his best friend, Steve Huffman, came to him with what sounded like a million dollar **** idea. And then that **** totally crashed and burned. So, how did two broke college kids with a failed **** end up creating one of the most popular websites ever? And what really happened to Reddit’s forgotten founder who nobody talks about? Reddit’s history is filled with scandals, lies, money, and death. As Reddit has been involved in countless controversies - including its own users turning against the site. But it’s time for the truth. Welcome to the insane story of Reddit by MagnatesMedia - home of **** documentaries, **** mini movies and stories about big companies & entrepreneurs.

The Untold TRUTH of Reddit
Why Nobody Talks About Reddit's Founder: The Dark Truth
The Rise & Fall of Reddit
The Tragic Story of Reddit: Power & Money
The Reddit Tragedy: A Story of Power & Money
Reddit: A Story of Money, Power & Tragedy
Reddit's History is Crazier Than You Think
The INSANE Story of Reddit
The Deadly Story of Reddit
The Untold Truth of Reddit: Power, Scandals & Death
Reddit's History Is MUCH Crazier Than You Think
Reddit: A Story of Scandals, Power & Death
The SHOCKING Truth Behind Reddit
The Wild West of the Web: The Untold Story of Reddit
Behind the Upvotes: The Dark Reality of Reddit
How Reddit Changed The Internet

⌛ The Story of Reddit - CHAPTERS:
00:00 Intro
00:50 Chapter 1: A Change of Plan
03:05 Chapter 2: MyMobileMenu
07:33 Chapter 3: Reddit 1.0
11:48 Chapter 4: The Forgotten Founder
14:05 Chapter 5: Acquisition
16:33 Storyblocks Deal
17:39 Chapter 6: Changes
21:29 Thank You!
22:21 Chapter 7: Battles
25:44 Chapter 8: Reddit Vs The World
30:57 Chapter 9: The Blackout
34:15 Shipstation Deal
35:15 Chapter 10: The Final Chapter

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