The Disturbing Business of Bananas

Team tubevice
Team tubevice

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The disturbing **** of bananas - a documentary looking at the dark history of the banana industry & The United Fruit Company. This involves the coup in Honduras, the banana massacre, and overthrowing the democratically-elected Guatemalan leader.

The banana industry is responsible for massacres, revolutions, wars, and secret deals with the CIA. At one point, the world’s largest banana company practically acted like a government in Central America, controlling most of their land and infrastructure. They were responsible for overthrowing presidents who tried to give workers more rights, and installing leaders who helped the banana companies make more money. Honestly, after this video, you will never look at a banana the same way again. This is the disturbing true story of the banana ****.

In episode 1 of this banana **** series, we looked at the rise of Sam, the banana man - how a penniless immigrant made a fortune selling ripe bananas, and worked his way up to becoming a major player in the banana ****. But in this episode, we’re going to look at what happened next, as once Samuel Zemurray became involved with a company called United Fruit, the story takes a much darker turn. If you enjoy dark **** documentaries about powerful corporations, the disturbing history of the banana industry is for you.

The Disturbing Business of Bananas
The DEADLY Business of Bananas
The Evil Business of Bananas

00😱0 The Disturbing Business of Bananas (Intro)
01😱6 1910: Revolution (Sam overthrows a government)
07:12 The Unstoppable Rise of United Fruit (How they became so dominant)
11😱6 1915 - 1930: The Banana War (Sam & Cuyamel Fruit Vs United Fruit)
20:44 AG1 Deal
21:48 1928: The Banana Massacre (How United Fruit dealt with strikes)
24:26 1932: Retirement (Sam returns and seizes control of United Fruit)
31:45 Mid 1930's: Disease (Why bananas aren't the same as they used to be)
36:31 1939 - 1945: World War II (How the war nearly killed the banana ****)
39:21 1940's - 1950's: The Coup (How United Fruit & The CIA overthrew a democratically elected leader)
47:44 1950's - Present: The Final Chapter (What happened after Sam left United Fruit)
50:46 Epilogue (John's thoughts)

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