The Evil Crimes of Volkswagen


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Welcome to the history of Volkswagen.

There are many companies with dark origin stories, but the story of Volkswagen may be the most horrifying. Today, the Volkswagen Group is one of the largest auto conglomerates in the world, holding ownership over brands like Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, and Porsche. You might associate Volkswagen with some of the most beloved car designs, like the harmless-looking Volkswagen Beetle, or the playful VW Bus. However, behind the innocent facade of these iconic cars lies one of the darkest histories in the world of **** - dating all the way back to Nazi Germany, and a personal request from Adolf Hitler. Deceptionโ€ฆ Slaveryโ€ฆ and unimaginable cruelty. Be warned: The history of Volkswagen is not for the faint of heart. The history of Volkswagen is a story of dark secrets. Welcome to the disturbing true story of Volkswagen - a mini **** movie covering how Volkswagen began, how Volkswagen was rebuilt after the war, the bizarre origins of the VW bus, how Volkswagen briefly became the most valuable company in the world (during one of the biggest short squeezes in investing history) and the controversial VW emissions scandal (and why VW got such a huge fine for Diesel Gate). Hope you enjoy the controversial history of VW! :)

โŒ› Chapters:
00:00 Intro: The Disturbing History of Volkswagen
00:51 Chapter 1: The Nazi Origins of Volkswagen
04:54 Chapter 2: The Blood Crimes of Volkswagen
10:24 Chapter 3: Rebuilding Volkswagen
14:27 How I'm Building My Course
15:41 Chapter 4: The Conglomerate
22:14 Chapter 5: Liars and Cheats

The Evil Crimes of Volkswagen
The Evil History of Volkswagen
The Shocking Truth Behind Volkswagen's Nazi Past
Volkswagen's Blood Crimes
The Dark Truth Behind Volkswagen's Secret Nazi Origins
How Volkswagen Was Started By Hitler
Volkswagen: From Nazism to Global Success
Hitler's Car Company: The CRAZY Origins of Volkswagen

Chapter 2 further reading:

Further reading & sources for rest of video: (Pastebin said some of the links were too controversial...)

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Please note that present-day Volkswagen is under completely different ownership, and should not be judged for the actions of pre-1945 Volkswagen.

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