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Stephen Schwarzman is the 37th richest person in the world - worth a whopping $26 billion dollars. He rubs shoulders with the world’s most powerful leaders.
And yet, he’s not a household name. In fact, outside of finance - no one’s even heard of him
So how does one of the most influential, well-connected people - stay in the shadows?
How did he amass such a staggering fortune - and the power to get a meeting with any president anytime he wants? One word. BlackStone.

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Chapter overview:
0:00 Stephen Schwarzman - The King of Finance
1:38 The American Dream - Schwarzman edition
3:11 How kings get started in finance
6:54 Learning the Ropes at Lehman Brothers
8:16 Secret Friends in High Places
9:19 Doing Mega Deals in the Tropics
11:22 Throwing down the gauntlet
15:03 The Founding of BlackStone
18:10 Raising a juggernaut Private Equity Fund
22:42 Building a Billion Dollar Empire

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