The Uber Story: Fraud, Betrayal, Death & Cars


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The INSANE Story of Uber....
Welcome to the story of Uber, covering the journey of Uber from idea to empire. Uber in many ways is an incredible **** success story, of how Travis Kalanick defied the odds and grew Uber so rapidly despite countless challenges. However, this video also looks at many of the controversies Uber faced along the way, such as Uber's culture issues, Uber's fight in China, and their battles to outwit local authorities by using their secret Greyball software.

DISCLAIMER: This video utilises a wide variety of secondary sources, but is heavily based on the book Super Pumped by Mike Isaac. Whilst every effort has been made to cross reference information, this video should be treated as one (simplified) version of the Uber story, and NOT a documentary. As with any story, there will always be differing views, and nuance that is lost. This video is meant to provide a summary of existing public information about Uber's story, and is not a piece of journalism. Any views expressed in the video are not connected to the sponsor.

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โŒ› The INSANE Story of Uber::
0:00 Prologue - The Uber Story
0:50 Chapter 1: How Uber Started
5:12 Chapter 2: Greyballed
12:22 Chapter 3: Uber vs Lyft
17:44 Firstbase
18:26 Chapter 4: Dark Days
24:56 Chapter 5: Uber Vs The World
30:40 Chapter 6: The Troubling Culture of Uber & Travis
37:55 Chapter 7: The Ultimate Betrayal
39:53 Epilogue: Life After Travis

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