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Team tubevice
Team tubevice

Is Amazon too big and powerful? Is Jeff Bezos & Amazon taking over the world? This mini-documentary looks at what Amazon is investing in, what Amazon is planning for the future, and the problems Amazon's dominance may cause. We also look at the story of Amazon's rise, and potential **** lessons we can learn.

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When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, he originally considered naming it Relentless, and even registered the domain name Relentless.com which is still active to this day. However, when friends told him the name sounded a bit sinister, he changed it.

Fast forward to present day, and Bezos is the richest man in modern history, and has gone from being one man in an office to running a trillion dollar global empire. And whilst the story of Bezos and Amazon is undeniably inspiring, the real question, is where does this story end? Because now more than ever, the name Relentless seems like the perfect fit.

Amazon started from humble beginnings in 1994 selling books on the internet, and they even used to ring a bell in the office every time they got a sale. But over the next couple of decades, Amazon expanded into almost every product category there is, earning it the nickname The Everything Store, with well over 350 million different products available to buy.

And when you think of Amazon this is probably what first comes to mind, Amazon.com the online e-commerce giant. However, the shopping component of Amazon is just a tiny fraction of what it does… And sure, it’s normal for ****es to buy out competitors and enter new markets, BUT, let’s just take a step back to see exactly how large Bezos’ Amazon empire actually is, and what that could mean for our future.

For example, Amazon has entered the streaming service ****, buying the rights to not only many thousands of popular movies, tv shows, and live events, but also creating their own originals. In fact, Amazon Studios became the first streaming service to receive a Best Picture Oscar nomination for one of its original movies. And, with billions more dollars reportedly due to be spent next year, it seems production will keep expanding.

And they aren’t just stopping at video streaming, they’re big players in the **** streaming space too, taking on the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. Which fits very nicely with the fact that Amazon is also one of the industry leaders in the smart speaker market. And then you start to realise the way that so many of their products & services interlink. If you become a member of Amazon Prime you become part of the Amazon ecosystem - you buy a Fire stick to watch your Prime video movies, which you control with your Amazon Alexa, bought from Amazon.com.

This video explores many of Amazon's projects, subsidiaries & ****es. It even covers some of the risks to consumers because of the Amazon FBA programme, where third-party individual sellers sell their items via Amazon.com. But ultimately we ask: Is amazon too big? Is Amazon taking over the world? Is Jeff Bezos a supervillain? (Ok, those last 2 are maybe a little extreme, but there is definitely cause for concern with some people who would say Amazon is becoming too powerful).

When discussing the problems of Amazon and whether Amazon is too big, a short clip from "Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos (full film) | FRONTLINE" was used ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVVfJVj5z8s ).

This Amazon documentary raises a lot of questions like:
Is amazon a monopoly?
Is amazon too big?
Is amazon safe to buy from?
Is amazon's growth a good thing?
Why do people hate jeff bezos?
Why is Jeff Bezos so rich?
What is Jeff Bezos investing in?
Why is Amazon so big?
Will Amazon be broken up?
What is Amazon's Business strategy?
Why are Amazon so successful?

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